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UTMB Health is committed to using innovative tools and technologies to inspire and facilitate excellent inter-disciplinary research. This expertise portal is a key component of the university’s mission to grow collaborative research partnerships that expand our capacity for multidisciplinary research.

UTMB Research Profiles is a searchable database of expertise across all disciplines at UTMB. This research networking tool is powered by Elsevier Fingerprint Engine, which scans and analyzes every publication in Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, to produce a fingerprint of each author’s expertise. The expertise profiles generated in this way reveal connections between authors and research projects and make it easier for researchers to form collaborations for future work and funding opportunities.

Explore the profiles, publications and grant data for hundreds of scholars within UTMB, and through the SciVal Experts Community, follow the network and collaboration within UTMB. UTMB Research Profiles are organized by academic departments, and access is limited to UTMB Employees. We invite you to log in and view the profiles.

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    Subo Yuan; Yuqiang Shi; Jinghong Chen; Xiangfu Zhou; Guangyu Li; Benjamin B. Gelman; Joshua G. Lisinicchia; Susan M. Carlton; Monique R. Ferguson; Alai Tan; Sushil K. Sarna; Shao‐Jun Tang

    Gp120 in the pathogenesis of human HIV-associated pain.

    Annals of Neurology. 2014 Mar 16. doi: 10.1002/ana.24139. . 2014.

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    Fredrick J Bohanon; Xiaofu Wang; Chunyong Ding; Ye Ding; Geetha L Radhakrishnan; Cristiana Rastellini; Jia Zhou; Ravi S Radhakrishnan

    Oridonin inhibits hepatic stellate cell proliferation and fibrogenesis.

    Journal of Surgical Research. 2014;190:55-63.

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    R Wong; C Gonzalez; M Lopez-Ortega

    Population Aging in Mexico

    Los Mexicanos: Un Balance del Cambio Demográfico. Rabell C, editor. Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Economica; 2014.

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